Saturday, June 18, 2011

Last Summer :">

So, we spent the last days of Summer(2011) at a villa in Bay,Laguna. My uncle, a friend of the current mayor of Bay was invited to visit, and of course,  the whole family was packaged. Mayor Padrid is a humble person, yah, mabait si Mayor. I salute him. :)

Me with our doggie, infront of the "BAHAY PAMAHALAAN" :)

with Mayor [upper right]

And then, this the view of the pool and the jacuzzi from the room.


My cousin, Ver, posing for the view behind him. We had a great view of Mt. Makiling
         Lezzz go swim people out there! :)
 Me, ate Kath, ate Lorraine, and ate Micah

L-R: Kuya  Clinton, Jayricah,Jaja, Ate rosel, me, ate Chem, Ate Micah, and janjan

After spending, two days and 1 night there, time to bid goodbye.
Twas a well-spent && such a fun weekend, atleast before our school starts, we get to relax and bond some more. Mayor Padrid was such an accommodating person, he even provided us sumptuous foods, THUMBS UP! =)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

So long sweet summer.. love, love, love :">

Love, Love, Love by Hope Feat. Jason Mraz

            SO LONG SWEET SUMMER ♥

 ..And now that summer has officially ended, this song takes me back to my favorite season, sweet summer. Awesome and cool happenings happen every summer. You get to bond  almost with everyone special in your heart. Summer's a great season, for chillaxing, unwinding, thinking and LOVING. I thank God for everything that happens every summer, and I hope nx year's summer will even be more COOLER than this.