Tuesday, June 11, 2013


My vacation officially ended last June 10. Its already time to face a new school year which happens to be my  last year in high school. Yes, I'm a senior already! I'm part of the so-called hallway elites, perks of being a senior. Though, I'm anticipating a lot of events this year, the thought of graduating high school bothers me. So, what I plan to do is to give my best shot in everything, to cherish every moment and to keep them in my heart. Life is short to be bored. God bless me and everyone else! =)

Friday, May 24, 2013


Hello, its summer already and its time to update this blog! I know, I know I shouldn't just blog every summer that's why I promise to blog often this year. So I, along with my best friends and my best friend's family went to Splash Island to enjoy the sun! The slides drove us crazy, I'm telling you! What a better way to enjoy the zig-zags and the water than with your best buddies right?

My best friends and I trying our best to do a jump shot

Here's a photo of us outside Via, Me, Jamidah, and Jiane

We enjoyed the wave pool so much, especially Via (leftmost). Actually, its written all over her face hahah :))

Jiane and Via after their Magellan's Drop slide

here's Jamidah who cannot believe that she made it alive, lol

because of all slides in Splash Island, Magellan's Drop is my favorite though its kind of bitin

this 8-shaped lifebuoy was unbelievably heavy, so we stopped for a while and took a photo with it because as we all know, 8=infinity. And we are infinite!!!!

kiddie pool they call water wahoo

before heading home, we pulled over a gas station along SLEX

I just love this photo

and that's it for now!