Thursday, June 7, 2012


When the heat is slowly killing you in Manila, you'd always wish to be in the 'Summer Capital of the Philippines' which is Baguio City. You know what, I sometimes think of living there for college, you know UP Baguio, strawberries, cold atmosphere and good places to chill. Hehe :)) So here's the continuation of my baguio trip. The weather was bipolar, in the morning we were greeted by the sun, in the afternoon, rain started to pour. Oh well, I still enjoyed the day.

Our first destination was the strawberry farm/valley in La Trinidad. Look keenly at the pictures, you'll see how bipolar the weather was.

So we walked inside the farm for strawberries of course, but sadly we weren't able to go picking, yes its not strawberry season anymore. The farm wasn't that good-looking, it was rainy.

and because we weren't able to pick fresh strawberries, we opted to just buy a basket inside the farm

no strawberry farm trip would be complete without strawberry ice cream :)

and this is how bipolar the weather was

Imma heck of a bipolar too so I don't care weather!! lol and this is me at the parking, excuse the bad background, that just it. hoho. 

that's it for now. ByeBye! xx

Monday, June 4, 2012

Up There

Because of the intense heat and the fact that my vacation's on the brink of its death already, I wanted to spend what's left of my summer out of town. I'm dying to be in Baguio City and good thing one of my older cousins is currently based there. Haha, lucky creature eh? Actually I was supposed to be with my bestfriend-cousin, Micah but her sched's damn hectic, instead I went to Baguio with my 2 boy cousins. We stayed in Baguio for 4 days then we headed down to Tarlac, after, we went back home. So, this is my blog entry 'bout my trip.

I'm a die-hard Ely Buendia fan, saw this on our way and I just have to take a pic of it

Sit back, relax! :)

Hello Kennon Road, zigzaaaaaag

We pulled off for a picture at the famous, Lion's head

then finally, Hello Baguio!!

Its not Baguio City without the pines :)

We had lunch at SM Baguio, my cousins

The view from SM, whooaa imagine the coldness

after eating, we had grocery shopping then we headed to Kuya's apartment. And this is me chillin' and lovin' Baguiooooo

Byebye! xx