Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Kim!

True friends are hard to find, and thank God I’ve found one.
She’s straight-forward with a twist, lol :> She’s perky and she’s a singer, seriously. I love her, my first best friend in PCS. She turned my lonely days to happy ones. When I’m feelin’ down, she’d cheer me up. Being a chatterbox is her nature and prolly because of that, I fell even more in love with her. Happy birthday to my best bitch ever. Cheers to 15 years of awesomeness darling! <3
FACT: She loves strawberry designs as much as she hates the taste of an actual strawberry :)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Awesome Movies♥

Had a movie date with my best friend, Christian last month, like I said on my last post, I haven't been updating this. Let me just share this to you. So we watched THE AVENGERS. It was great, I love heroes. I love how Tony Stark(Ironman) made this sort of comedy. Though everyone risked their lives to save the earth and the human race from the evil God, Loki, Ironman did the most risky thing, you know if you've watched the movie. Then after watching the avengers, we decided to watch BATTLESHIP too and no regrets, this movie was awesome too. The switching of the story is just ♥. Bad guy turned into a hero. He saved the world from the aliens, but he could've not done it without the help of his fellow navy. Just watch it okay? lol.=) The money we paid was worth it. 

and this is Christian with me, of course. Excuse our haggard face :))

Wicked Oreos

Homemade wicked oreos♥

My cousins and I played junior dessert chefs, lol.  we made wicked oreos and its yummmyyy plus its easy to make. Just one pack of oreo and hotcake mix and you're good :) 


Missed bigtime on updating this blog, I'm so stupid, I've abandoned this for a long time. Now, that blogging is on the mainstream already, and that most of my friends have their blogs too, I think I should update this blog for good. I've edited some post that I've posted, I believe last year. I promise to always update this from now on. =))